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Pro Perks will make you a Pro at saving on everything you do. 

The Pro members will getour Exclusive VStream Pro Perks Program!  This program a phone app and offers savings at many of your local merchants and restaurantsThe average member of our perks program will save over $2000 per year.

Additional Benefits of going Pro!

  • Pro Member Discounts on VStream Media Centers
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  • Savings Website and Phone App for discounts at over 300,000 businesses

  • Capture Pages and Autoresponder System

  • VIP Sales Training Webinars

  • Full Service Business Backoffice


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    Cutting edge products designed for your life.



    I just pull out my cell phone to view all the local restauraunts and compare the savings to what we want to eat that night. I don't tear coupons anymore. I just pull out my cell phone and show it to the cashier and get free food along with discounts on the food I order!

    M.  Moss

    My Brother is a big football Fan, and Lives in the Hall Of Fame City of Canton, Ohio. I told him about our saving app. He ask could he save at the Football Hall Of Fame. Looked it up and he saved $21.00 as there was a buy one ticket get one free admission. My brother and his wife spent a great Saturday Afternoon at the Football Hall Of Fame.

    Kevin Curtis

    Our Why

    Health, wellness and prosperity.

    Bob Bremner

    CEO and Founder

    Mission Statement

    Everyone is looking for better health along with more financial and time freedom; with NXR Life, you can have it all! Our unique products and business opportunity allow you to create the life you want and deserve, a life with endless possibilities. Feel your best, be your best, and have the energy and vitality needed to enjoy it. Welcome to NXR Life!


    How we got here.

    • 1999

      Nutronix International was born

      Our story begins with one man hearing an interview about an ocean mineral supplement from Japan. His interest piqued as he read about people being sustained by drinking water with this miracle supplement which is he found to be “the most mineral-rich supplement ever discovered.” This man was Bob Bremner, a pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, and the Founder of Nutronix International.

      Bob began asking the right questions and learning as much as he could from scientists, biochemists and nutritionists the world over. The result was Nutronix’s first product called O2 profomance Hydration or O2.

      O2 is a unique form of coral minerals only found on one place on earth. This amazing product has been validated with hundreds of thousands of positive individual experiences. O2 is changing lives every day, and Nutronix was positioned to deliver it to the world!

    • 2000-2004

      Reaching the world

      Nutronix starting building a complete product line by adding more exclusive products and expanding to over 60 countries around the world. Nutronix added The New Silver Solution silver liquid supplement which quickly became one of Nutronix's fastest selling products.

    • 2005-2013

      Nutronix added more products including the Shu-Li detox and pain pads that were a listed FDA Class 1 Medical Device. This was the first time an mlm company had a product that was listed with the FDA. Nutronix also expanded into Kazakhstan, Russia and Japan bringing in thousands of new members.In 2013 Nutronix broke the 20 Million dollar mark in commissions paid to its members.

    • 2014

      New Ideas and Beyond

      Nutronix started out with just nutritional supplements then decided to better service their customers they needs to have more than just supplements. With you can get all that we have to offer in one place. Industry leading supplemnts, new techonlogy like the V Stream TV Box and a virtual program like VStream Pro Perks make it possibile for anyone, any where, to be part of NXR! A true global opportunity for you and your family.

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